After Media Lies About Trump’s Asia Trip, Mike Huckabee Unleashes Brutal Reality Check

On Monday, Mike Huckabee was interviewed on Fox & Friends about Trump’s current Asia tour and the progress our President has made thus far. The Fox & Friends hosts show a few clips from the trip and then show the corresponding attacks from mainstream media on those clips.


For example, on Monday morning, The Washington Post spread around a photo of “Trump’s awkward grimace” which showed the President making a twisted face during a photographed handshake. When you play the video clip through, you see that there was nothing awkward about that moment. The photographer simply chose one frame that made our President look bad. 

This is what mainstream media does. They lie. 

Over the course of Trump’s Asian tour, he has seen country after country welcome him with open arms. This is the respect that he deserves, and the American liberals cannot stand that. Mike Huckabee addresses this halfway through the video clip below:

“Well what [other countries] are doing is showing respect. I mean they have more respect for him than the media in the United States has. And that’s a little bit discomforting. But Donald Trump has had a successful trip, and they cannot find a way to really diminish what he has accomplished and the matter of respect in which he is brought to the United States.”

Other countries know a good leader when they see one. They know that President Trump deserves their absolute respect, because he is a man who knows what he wants and will do what it takes to fulfill his promises to the American people.

“America is back. I hate to break this to some of the people who can’t stand him, and some of those are Republicans. But the truth is he’s a strong leader, he exhibits and exerts that strong leadership, and people respect strength – they do not respect apologies and groveling. What we have in Donald Trump, like him or not, he’s a person who believes in this country. It’s why he’s President, and it’s why he’s had a very successful trip. He’s projecting the America that many of us love and appreciate.”

Mainstream media needs a huge reality check if they think that Trump is incompetent overseas. Trump has already done an excellent job negotiating with foreign leaders and strengthening America’s relationships. It is not about being ‘nice,’ it is about getting the job done.