Army Ranger Who Gave Sarah Huckabee His Jacket NEVER Expected This From Her in Return

Army Ranger Bobby Zizelman rose to quick internet fame last week after it was revealed that he gave his jacket to Sarah Huckabee Sanders when he noticed she was cold.


Huckabee was giving a briefing to reporters on Trump’s expected movements in North Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) when Zizelman noticed her shivering in the cold.

He immediately rushed over and gave her his military issued jacket so she could finish briefing reporters.

The media immediately blew up and made him a star for being such a gentleman to Sarah so she would not have to be cold.

Mike Huckabee took to Twitter to thank the military hero.

“Tribute on this Veterans Day to US Army Chinook pilot Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Zizelman-“An Officer and a Gentleman” who helped @PressSec from freezing. @realDonaldTrump should promote him! Of course libs go nuts about it.”

Zizelman also got another special shoutout from Sarah Huckabee Sanders herself!

“A huge Thank you to Army Ranger Bobby Zizelman! Next time I’ll dress for the occasion! @thankfulforourmilitary”

Could this young man be any better of an example for our youth? This is what young men should aspire to be like growing up in America!

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