Ben Carson Just Gave Protesters a Godly Lesson They’ll NEVER Forget

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson spoke to citizens in East St. Louis on Thursday and urged them not to let protests diverge into violence.


Protests have been escalating in the region ever since a judge’s decision last week to acquit former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley of the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith. Stockley is white and Smith was black.

“We, the American people, are not perfect, but we are not each other’s enemies. Jesus said it best: A house divided against itself cannot stand. Never has stood, never will.”

This is the BEST advice that he can give them! Carson is a good Christian man who will continue to spread messages of faith to Americans in need.

Carson spoke while in town to formally end the federal government’s oversight of St. Louis’ public housing program that has lasted for 32 years. The city has now taken over the jurisdiction of the housing program.

Carson and the rest of Americans are sick and tired of these protesters using violence to get their way. They need to go through the proper channels for change and only assemble peacefully as protesters have done for ages!