After Trump Announces Tax Reform Plan, He Looks Toward Critics and Does the INCREDIBLE

President Trump held a meeting today at the White House where he discussed his forthcoming tax reform plan and what it will mean for businesses and American citizens alike.


The full reform plan has not been revealed but judging on President Trump’s comments, businesses will likely see a tax rate cut to more closely compete with China’s 15% tax rate, deductions for middle-class families will be increased, and the code itself will be drastically simplified.

After briefly going over his anticipated tax benefits for all Americans, Trump took multiple questions from the press corps in attendance. He then completely shocked the entire room with what he said next.

“And the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.”

President Trump has repeatedly been criticized by Democrats accusing him of favoring the wealthy but this PROVES that Trump is a man of the people and fights for the middle class!

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