While Mike Pence was Honoring Victims of 9/11, a MONSTER Was Plotting to do the UNTHINKABLE to him

Yesterday, on the 16th anniversary of the deadliest attack on America since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, a crazed assassin was plotting against our Vice President.


Mike Pence and his wife, Karen were set to speak at the September 11th memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania but had a scare right before they left.

Via Daily Mail

“National Guardsman has been arrested for talking about killing Vice President¬†Mike Pence¬†before his visit to the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania.

Twenty-two-year-old William Robert Dunbar of Berlin, New Jersey was charged Saturday after his comments before Pence’s trip for the annual observance of the Flight 93 crash.

Richland Township police claim that Dunbar was on duty at the Army National Guard Training Center when he said, ‘If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president.’ “

Witnesses who heard Dunbar make the shocking threats twice decided to alert their commanding officers to express their concern.

Thankfully, Dunbar was swiftly arrested by Richland Township police and held in lieu of $250,000 bond. This is just another SICK liberal threatening our President because he doesn’t like him.

Unlike Kathy Griffin or Johnny Depp, at least this crazy was promptly arrested for his terrifying statements.

Mike and Karen Pence proceeded to complete their 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania thanks to alert witnesses and fast acting police who successfully prevented a serious crime against our country!

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