Sarah Huckabee Just Unleashed Comey’s WORST Nightmare on LIVE TV

After bombshell revelations last week that James Comey drafted up Hillary Clinton’s exoneration months before even interviewing her about her handling of potentially classified information on a private email server, Senator Lindsey Graham publicly called out the former FBI director.


Graham told Fox News that he intends to compel Comey to re-testify on Capitol Hill after these new revelations surfaced.

The Republican senator had this stunning statement to say:

“This doesn’t add up, and I smell a rat here.”

Now, the White House house officially publicized their beliefs that Comey did in fact lie in his testimony. When a reporter brought up the issue in Monday’s press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders let loose on all of the illegal actions taken by Comey.

“Since Director Comey’s firing, we’ve learned new information about his conduct that only provided further justification for that firing, including giving false testimony, leaking privileged information to journalists. He went outside of the chain of command and politicized an investigation into a presidential candidate.”

Comey initially said that he felt his decision not to prosecute Clinton was influenced by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch but this latest information suggests he had been planning not to charge Clinton from the beginning.

Lindsay Graham, who chairs a Senate Judiciary subcommittee wants Comey to answer whether he “predetermined the results” of the Clinton email probe before interviewing her. The White House has now joing Graham in these allegations, and has confidence that the FBI will follow up on Comey’s LIES.

We’re tired of seeing these criminals get away with obstructing justice! Put this man behind bars!