BREAKING: TX Governor Threatens JAIL TIME for Sheriffs of Sanctuary Cities! [VIDEO]

abbot sanctuary cities

Finally our governors are starting to get strict on these so-called “sanctuary cities.” The fact of the matter is that these cities are breaking US law. Not just that, they are putting US citizens at risk by allowing illegal criminals to remain in their cities.



Texas governor Greg Abbott won’t have it anymore. He is doing everything he can to ban every Texas sanctuary city. And in his latest TV interviews on Tucker Carlson (via Fox News), Abbott threatened JAIL TIME for any sheriff supporting a sanctuary city. Let’s LOCK THEM UP NOW!


When questioned about the liberal response to his claims, Abbott replied:

“There is a liberal agenda that wants to so-called ‘be welcoming’ to those who are here illegally, and one way they do that is by not enforcing the law.”




We need to clean out our country of all of these illegal immigrants. The first step in this is GETTING RID OF SANCTUARY CITIES. Hopefully other US governors will follow Greg Abbott’s lead and make more severe threats against those permitting these illegal cities to go on. Share if you stand behind Governor Abbott!