TODAY: Putin says Russian Meddling FALSE! All LIES made by Clinton Campaign!

In an interview with CNBC earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked about the ongoing widespread rumors of Russian meddling in the US election process. The Russian president firmly denied any connection between Russia and President Trump’s presidential victory.


“Read my lips, no,” Putin said to the moderator when probed about the topic.


Russian Meddling

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies any connection with the Trump Campaign


Putin went on to say how the rumors were derived by the Clinton campaign to directly defame President Trump and further the democratic political party. Russia has had absolutely no effect over the US political system.


“All those things are fictional, illusory and provocations, lies,” he said. “All these are used for domestic American political agendas.”


President Trump has constantly denied any ties to Russia – and none have been identified. However, the democrats continue to hold tight to the idea despite the lack of any evidence at all! Instead, the should be investigating the Clintons who seem to have a great deal of ties with the Russian Kremlin. When will the media stop trying to attack President Trump and realize that the democrats are the ones who have been hiding shady dealings?? Share if you agree!