BUILD THAT WALL! Casualties Reported in HUGE RIOT at Mexican Prison

As if we needed any more reasons to build the border wall?? Amid a second day of prison riots in Monterrey, Mexico 2 prisoners were left dead and over 20 injured. Prisoners set mattresses on fire and broke into the prison pharmacy in a protest that started due to a new policy of using X-ray equipment at the entrance to the prison. The purpose of the X-ray equipment was to cut down on illegal contraband being smuggled in.


This is the second security breach this week for Mexico’s dangerous prison system. Last Friday, 3 inmates were left dead after a prison riot in Tamaulipas, Mexico where several drug cartel members managed to escape. This is terrifying!

Both of these Mexican states are key battlegrounds in the raging Mexican drug wars that are terrorizing civilians and tourists alike. We need to secure our country against threats like these and protect our citizens!