WIRETAP SCANDAL – See What May Finally Put Barack Obama Away Forever!

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President Trump took to twitter this morning to express his disgust with Obama’s horrifying crime of wiretapping all of the phones in Trump Tower just prior to the Presidential Election.

Trump Twitter Obama Wiretapping

The mainstream media defended Obama and called President Trump crazy for such accusations.  Only Breitbart was courageous enough to release an article containing the following evidence:

The Twitter string above details the reporting of the wiretaps. In these tweets, we can see statements from Louise Mensch implying the Department of Justice under Obama submitted requests for a surveillance warrant for Trump Tower to a FISA court back in October, 2016. The FISA court initially denied the request but approved a warrant with less broad focuses later in October.

So, it seems highly likely that Obama was involved in this dirty wiretapping as confirmed or alluded to by SEVERAL Obama officials.

The attacks and outrage that is apparent from mainstream media and the left are “par for the course” on how they are treating this administration and respected leaders. US Truth Wire hopes our president can get to the bottom of this and put Obama away for GOOD!