BUSTED! What Obama Did With Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Will SHOCK You!

Obama is terrified about being prosecuted for directing Department of Justice funds to liberal cause organizations.


When banks are sued by the government for infractions such as discrimination or mortgage fraud, what happens to the money? You might be thinking it goes to reducing the deficit or into the federal tax coffer – WRONG! These banks are given the option to settle cases by donating money to third-party non-victims. These third-party groups can then use the money received in any way they see fit and are often clearly partisan organizations.

According to this Fox News report, President Obama is guilty of diverting BILLIONS of these dollars to left leaning organizations as a slush fund for them to do his bidding.

“The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators. “It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, told Fox News. “The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.” Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism…Lankford has introduced the Stop Settlement Slush Fund Act of 2017 while House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., submitted similar legislation in the house.
“Congress must permanently end the abuses Obama’s Justice Department exploited to use settlements to funnel money to their liberal friends,” Goodlatte said in a statement.

Further Investigation

The rabbit hole is deep for this one – with organizations such as National Urban League and National Council of La Raza as just a small sample of entities receiving money. Many of these organizations promote questionable immigration policies.

Maybe President Trump should indict him right next to Hillary Clinton and throw them both in jail! The citizens of this great country are sick and tired of these politicians wasting money when there are children going hungry and homeless veterans sleeping on the street. Join us to support President Trump getting rid of this corruption and Making America Great Again!