PATHETIC Democrats Launch All Out Witch Hunt on AG Jeff Sessions. Click to Learn What the Media is Hiding From You.

pathetic witch hunt jeff sessions

As if the dirty Democrats haven’t been grasping at straws to connect President Trump to Russia for WEEKS, they are now making wild claims that Sessions committed a crime by simply doing his JOB.



“Sessions, as a Senator on the Armed Forces Committee, met with over 20 ambassadors in 2016. One of them was the Russian ambassador. There is no evidence, at all, Sessions met with the ambassador to review Trump campaign strategy, or anything of the sort.

Their only claim against Sessions is that Sessions, while Senator, talked to the Russian ambassador a whopping 2 times in 2016. That’s called doing his job. Senator Franken, during the Attorney General confirmation proceedings, talked about “ties to Russia”
and asked if Senator Session had discussed the Trump campaign “with Russian government officials.”

Sessions answered he had not. Sessions has no “ties with Russia” and there is no evidence he discussed the Trump campaign with any Russian official. The attempt to conflate Sessions doing his job as a Senator – meeting with ambassadors – as meaning he must have talked about campaign tactics or the campaign at all is patently ludicrous.”

The idea that there were secret meetings is baseless and has been proven to have happened at GOP conventions along with ambassadors of other nations. Nothing secret about that!

Here we are again with the mainstream media trying to delegitimize President Trump and it is despicable. Democrats should feel ashamed trying to bring down our nation with lies and petty accusations. They just can’t accept the fact that they lost. How low can you go?

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