DISRESPECTFUL! You Won’t Believe What Democrats Did During President Trump’s Speech

Viewers of this evening’s address to congress by President Trump noticed something strange about the Democrat members of congress.  A large majority of women wore white to protest President Trump and “his stance on women’s issues.”


Rep. Lois Frankel took to twitter with the following statement:  “Tonight, Democratic Members will wear suffragette white to oppose Republican attempts to roll back women’s progress.”

The internet collectively fought back against these DISRESPECTFUL women stating that President Trump actually ADVANCES women’s rights instead of “rolling them back.”  Let’s take a look at all of the pro-women stances he has already taken in his short presidency so far:

  • Donald Trump employs more women than men at the upper echelons of his real estate empire, and in many cases pays them more.
  • President Trump donated  $25,000 to a women’s basketball league after their founder was killed on 9/11.
  • Women who work for Trump consistently state he is ahead of his time in providing career advancement for women.

These Democrats didn’t gain any fame by their stunt and it even backfired in their faces.  Users on social media are even calling them “THE NEW KLU KLUX KLAN!!”

Why can’t democrats understand that they will never get anywhere with this showboating?  It is a slap in the face to American people by childishly refusing to work with our President to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

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